Why You Want A Landscaping Company That Can Do It All

Your site’s landscaping should be the finishing touch of your location that brings curb appeal and pride to the tenants of your facility. It takes dedication and a multi-faceted approach to get a business’ landscape to a level of the desired perfection.

Don’t waste your time and money bouncing from company to company to get the job done. Find a landscaping team that has the ability to accomplish all aspects of landscaping prep and maintenance with ease. Here are some of the top reasons why you should look at a company like Southwest Landscaping Services to meet your project’s needs.


Site Prep Performed By Professionals

You can’t have a great landscape without taking the right first steps. Site preparation is essential to building up a landscape that lasts for years with proper mowing, watering, and other general maintenance.

A professional landscaping company can come out, assess your current landscape, and create a design around the site’s current characteristics and the elements of your vision. Some of the issues addressed during site preparation are: 

     Existing feature of the landscape

     Slopes that could prove difficult for irrigation

     The extent of landscape grading required

     Irrigation installation

     What parts of the existing landscape you’d like to preserve

     The overall purpose of the landscape (Play, entertaining, general curb appeal, etc.)

The experts at Southwest Landscaping Services will not only survey your site but take action and follow through with all aspects of preparation required to meet your vision. From irrigation to landscape grading, our team of experts has your landscaping covered.

Bed and Planting Preparation

A qualified landscaping team will not only analyze your site but also physically prepare the area for overall bed installation and grass planting. The goal of a successful landscaping project is to create a design that is water-efficient and eliminates any competition for nutrients your grass and plants may have.

Once the site has been prepped, your landscaping team can proceed with the installation of your lawn.

At Southwest Landscaping Services, we offer our clients the option of planting seeds and letting the grass grow over time or laying down sod to give the project a definitive head start. Also, for those with grounds that need revegetation, we offer hydromulch services that cover large amounts of an area with our potent mixture of water, seed, and fertilizer. 

The choice of how we prep your site lies within the deadline of your project and your landscaping budget. No matter your selection, Southwest Landscaping Services efficiently follows through!

Erosion Control Secures Your Landscaping

Not every piece of property is going to be able to withstand the test of time. When a landscaping area consists of slopes throughout, the erosion involved during rainfall will ruin your landscaping.

That’s why hiring a company that specializes in erosion control is essential to keeping your grass and flower beds healthy. There are several approaches to erosion control that are dependent on your design and the lay of the land.

When Southwest Landscaping Services tackles erosion control, we handle the job with strength and an artistic eye. Some ways that we’ve implemented erosion control at sites include:

     Retaining walls




     Plants that keep the soil firm

Use Hardscaping Details to Top Off Your Design

Finally, the beauty of a well-designed landscape doesn’t end with its natural vegetation. Pick a landscaping company that goes above and beyond with their detail and specializes in hardscaping.

You’d be surprised at how much character something as simple as a retaining wall, patio, or stone pathway can add to your landscaping. However, in order to ensure your vision comes to fruition, you’ll want to work with a company that truly understands your project as a whole.

Prep and Maintain Your Landscaping With Southwest Landscaping Services

At Southwest Landscaping Services, we pride ourselves on being a landscaping company that truly goes the distance for our clients. No matter your landscaping requirements, our team has the experience to bring your design to life and give your location the curb appeal it needs. Contact us today to get your project on our schedule!