Charlie A. Stewart Jr. Memorial Training Center

The Charlie A Stewart Jr. Memorial Training Center is near and dear to us here at Southwest Construction Services. Dedicated in memory to a man who not only shaped the life of one owner but impacted an entire company with his hard work and dedication. A man that we could count on to always be ready to help out when and where needed. With that being said, we wanted to be sure to honor the memory of Charlie A Stewart Jr. for many years to come! Thank you.

At Southwest Construction Services we're dedicated to giving our employees the training they need to be successful in their daily operations. From general day to day safety to OSHA course training, We make it our duty to send our workers out with the knowledge to save lives. Aside from the extensive training we also use this facility to host company-wide events to recognize sales leaders, team meetings, and team building events. Each week team leaders meet for "Toolbox" and production meetings with their respected teams. This helps the communication throughout and is a core focus of Southwest Construction Services in order to maintain production.

Key points to training center:

  • New hire - Scope of Services Training
  • Safety Training
  • Monthly Sales Meetings
  • Weekly Production and Toolbox Meetings
  • Company-Wide Awards
  • Customer Recognition Events
  • Annual Poker Tournament