Dedication, Commitment, & Delivery Since 1993

Southwest Construction Services is the Texas-based leader in sawing, concrete, and waterproofing services since 1993. With more than 100 years in senior staff experience, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, quality installations safely for customers across the country.

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise extends throughout our 250+ employees. We strive for the highest quality standards in the industry and each division is a reflection of these very high standards. Learn more about "Our Story".

Southwest Construction Services provides the following services:

Why Southwest Construction Services?

  • We have the manpower and resources to meet quick turn as well as major project schedules
  • We possess the processes, skills, and attitude to tackle any project
  • Full-time Safety Director
  • We are certified in virtually all waterproofing products
  • We invest in extensive training and crew supervision
  • We provide nationwide services
  • There is no job too big or complex

Qualification Statement

Learn more about Southwest Construction Services, see the Executive team behind day-to-day operations. Likewise, find out about the Charlie A Stewart Jr. Training Center here at our Dallas office. We take pride in our workers and the knowledge they take with them into the world.

Contact us today and find out how to put Southwest Construction Services to work for you. Take it from the ones with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Client & Partner Testimonials

  • I just wanted to take time and tell you guys how much I appreciate the crew that you sent to the Southeastern Freight Lines in Lubbock to perform the caulking and sealing of my dock, paving and building joints. The crew that arrived were very professional, safety conscious, as well as quality focused. It was extremely satisfying, as a Superintendent, to have the crews arrive and the first thing they did when the exited the truck was to put on all of their PPE. This crew was an example of why we keep using Southwest Construction Services. Thank you for sending a quality crew that did it right the first time.

    Aaron Balentine, Superintendent

  • You guy's never say no, and come with an army any time we ask! On more than one occasion this has been critical in completing projects on time.

    Kevin Mezger, Project Manager
    Ridgemont Commercial Construction

  • Southwest Construction Services is hands down the best waterproofing company there is. They have always provided superior customer service and well as top notch quality in their field work!

    Chad Jones, Senior Project Manager
    FA Peinado, LLC